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Comments from people enrolled in the Public Safety Chaplaincy Certification program in 2016

"When I first heard that this program was in the works I became immediately interested. Working with Eric and SCLEAP over the past few years and starting as a participant, I have come to recognize two very important facts:  how important the PCIS program is and how important it is to have trained “certified/ordained” chaplains to assist our first responders. I have learned much in the four months we have been attending this course, more importantly we crossed denominational lines and have learned and worshiped together. We recognize the need for compassionate clergy to assist our first responders in the years to come. I praise God for all who were involved in putting this course together and we stand with them to see its’ success."
David Tafaoa

"The Public Safety Chaplaincy Certification Program has been, and will continue to be, a great source of information, inspiration, and motivation.  The class is a safe place where we can encourage each other, learn to see situations from different perspectives, and learn to develop new ways of approaching Chaplaincy. Each student is encouraged and even nudged to approach Chaplaincy more personally than as a mere profession. Chaplaincy is not for everyone. Just because one is clergy does not mean they will make a good Chaplain, and this course makes that very clear.  It has been such a huge honor and privilege to be part of this program, the Deputies I get to serve will be the ultimate beneficiaries of the learning experiences."

Chaplain Paul St. John
Richland County Sheriff's Office

"The first few modules of the Public Safety Chaplaincy Certification Program have been packed full of critical thoughts and teachings that have really made me think! Specifically, the foundational learning on the "Shared Wisdom Model For Addressing Ministry Situations" is a model that can, and has, been used immediately. Dr. Everett presented this material in a way that allows me to impact how I minister to my officers and staff in a more personal way, and meet their needs in a much deeper way."

Chaplain Eddie Hill
Horry County Sheriff’s Office

"I feel thankful, grateful, and privileged to be a student for this public safety chaplain certification program. As a law enforcement officer for over three decades, I know the importance of police officers as they serve and protect. However, it is with more recognition than ever, that I see the need for someone to step in the gap and offer services and protection to an officer, officer’s family or department in crisis. I am convinced that the public safety chaplain can assist greatly in offering that response. My learning experience started with the first day of class in January of 2016. I could tell that a tremendous amount of prior planning and work went into the construction of this training. I am learning how the compassion of God overrides the justice of God: so that the love agenda of God can keep moving through us. In other words, “God overlooks our faults.” We are taught “no human is an island unto themselves.” What affects one, touches all. In times of crisis or feeling stuck in a valley experience, it is always better to walk with someone who cares than to walk alone."

Calvin Gallman
USC Law Enforcement and Safety

"First and foremost I was honored to be able to be a part of such a ground breaking curriculum structured toward “coming along side” those that are hurting and in need in Public Safety.  Realizing that the “ministry of presence” is so very important in Chaplaincy, but going deeper still as to the “Where Is God in All of This” mentality  that we can have while we are in the heat of the moment.   This course has challenged, encouraged, and motivated me in becoming a better Chaplain for all those that I’m able to reach both in Public Safety as well as the general public. "

Fire Inspector/Chaplain Jay Ortiz
City of North Myrtle Beach, Department of Public Safety

"The Public Safety Chaplaincy Certification Program is having a tremendous impact on my life, personally and professionally.

"The program allows me to look within my heart and examine those areas in my life that makes me the person I am and was created to be. It is helping me to better identify why God has led me to be chaplain. One of the statements made by Dr. Tony Everett in one of our earlier classes will live with me for the rest of my life: “God comforts us that we may be a comfort to others.”
The program has had an impact on my professional life as a chaplain. I am able to better understand the unique role of a chaplain. There is a vast difference between a pastor and a chaplain. A pastor is one who attempts to fix a situation, but a chaplain is one who is simply present in the time of need and comes along side and walks through the process with the hurting. I am learning that there are times during a crisis when the best words are unspoken words. In many instances those who are consoling will answer questions that have not even been asked. There is comforting in listening.

"To sum up, the beginning of this program and the impact it is having on my life can be found in the words of Mother Teresa when she said, “One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody.”

Amos L. Durham
Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office

"As a volunteer chaplain of three years I have a great desire to enhance my skills and knowledge to be able to assist our deputies and their families. We are now in the last stages of cohort 2. I have benefited from being with other chaplains some new and many experienced ones. They have become a great resource for assisting me with different teachings and practices of other faiths. The material has been very good and the presented in an understandable and practical format. I am looking forward to what the course has to offer. In conclusion, I would encourage all who are interested in sharping their skills and those who want their chaplains to be more effective to look very closely at this program It is interesting, informative and practical."

Chaplain Ron Anderson/Roman Catholic Deacon
Richland County Sheriff’s Office

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