SC Office of Adjutant General Partners with SCLEAP


The South Carolina Office of the Adjutant General (OAG) Enters SCAANGPartnership with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Assistance Program (SCLEAP)

July 2015

The member agencies of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Assistance Program— SLED, SCDNR, SCDPPPS, and SCDPS—are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the South Carolina National Guard in order to advance the welfare of their employees—civilian, sworn and military. Recognizing the large number of public safety employees who have been deployed since 2001, this MOU envisions outreach and support to state and local police officers, employees and their families in forty-six counties of South Carolina.

US Army National Guard photo by Lt. Col. Cindi KingU.S. Army Maj. Gen. Robert E. Livingston, Jr., the adjutant general for South Carolina, joined by Brig. Gen. Van McCarty, deputy adjutant general, South Carolina National Guard, sign a memorandum of understanding with J. Eric Skidmore of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Assistance Program, at the adjutant general's building, Columbia, SC, on May 20, 2015. The MOU establishes the new partnership with the South Carolina National Guard Chaplain services and SCLEAP.

U.S. Army National Guard photo by Lt. Col. Cindi King

Reverend Dr. Chaplain (COL) Steve Shugart, USA Retired To Serve as Representative of the OAG with SCLEAP
Dr. Steve ShugartDr. Steve Shugart is an ordained United Methodist Pastor, raised in Chester, South Carolina. He is married to Sue Campell Shugart, and live in Easley, SC, with their five children. Chaplain Shugart holds a BA from Clemson University, a Masters of Divinity from Candler School of Theology at Emory University, a Masters in Counseling from Webster University, and a Doctor of Ministry from Drew University. He served an overseas tour in Iraq in Operation Iraqui Fredom (3-178 Field Artillery) from 2003-2005.
Scope of Services
  • Chaplaincy services for South Carolina law enforcement personnel, their immediate family members, employees of the South Carolina Military Department and their immediate family members.
  • Support of the chaplains and mental health professionals of the South Carolina Military Department.
  • Working with SCLEAP staff and volunteers to provide services and training in the area of stress management, grief, suicide intervention/prevention and post-venation, anger management, addiction, marriage and family issues, relationship issues, communication, post-deployment issues, disaster and crisis mental health.
  • Coordinate the partnership and serve as the official liaison between the member agencies of SCLEAP—SLED, SCDNR, SCDPPPS, and SCDPS—and the South Carolina Military Department.
  • Serve as coordinator of the SCLEAP Post Deployment Program to include post deployment debriefing, one-on-one military peer support services, post deployment seminars and referral of active and retired law enforcement/military personnel to appropriate resources.
Steve Shugart's contact information:
Cell: 803-497-5146
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