Sudden Traumatic Loss Seminar

February 3-7, 2019
Montreat, North Carolina

Pictured L-R: Dr. Joe Cheng, MD (MUSC), James Senegal (LEMIT-TX), Pat Cullinan (Richmond Co. GA – SO/SSPBA), Andy Carrier (GSP), Jim Burch (Henry Co Police- GA), Eric Skidmore (SCLEAP), Dr. Therese Rando (Clinical Director/Inst. For Study and Treatment of Loss – RI/), Mary Reeder (Aiken Co. SO-Ret.) Bernadette Burch (Henry Co. Police – GA), Henry Stackhouse (SCDNR), Beverly Coates (SCLEAP), Andy Gruler (USSS-Ret./SCLEAP), Mike Burgamy (GADNR), Thomas Spann (SCDNR), Bubba Browder (Sumter SO), Dave Tafaoa (SCLEAP), Kellye Hendrick (Richland Sheriff’s Dept.), Aaron Back (NCSHP), Jo Nell (SCHP), Ali Coates (SCLEAP), Matt Dorman (SCDMH), Natalie Crosland (SLED), Esther Hennessee (SCDMH), Dr. Paul Van Wyke (SCLEAP), Dr. Tom Griggs, MD (NCSHP-Ret.), Mary Molnia (VA Message Therapist/SCLEAP), Paul Burnette (Arkansas LEAP), Kit Cummings (Blacksburg PD Ret./VALEAP) Karla Fears (VA Massage Therapist/SCLEAP), Dr. Marjorie Lamphear (RI), Ronnie Miller (Virginia State Police)


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