Unwritten Rules in the Family of the Alcoholic Officer

  • The officer’s use of chemicals must be the most important thing in the family’s life
  • Alcohol and drugs are not seen as the cause of the officer’s family problems
  • Someone or something else caused the dependency
  • The status quo must be maintained at all costs
  • Everyone in the officer’s family must become an enabler
  • No one in the officer’s family may discuss what is really going on
  • No one in the officer’s family may say what they are really feeling


SCVRD – Job Retention Services

Working in partnership with South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department under their Job Retention Services Program, the law enforcement community now has a critical tool heretofore not available. SCLEAP is creating a pilot project in the Midlands of South Carolina which is open to all sworn S.C. law enforcement officers wrestling with problems of addiction.

The officer’s addiction is an established disability, which results in them being unable to perform their job and requires Vocational Rehabilitation services to be able to retain employment.


State Police Officer Point of Contact

Cell: 803-360-8005

20 Years in Law Enforcement • 12 Years Sobriety

Tom Hammill: Law Enforcement Group Counselor

24 hour statewide pager

LEO Weekly Meetings
Tuesdays 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. (call pager for information and location)

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