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Most popular among the programs and services offered by SCLEAP to law enforcement officers and their families are the Post Critical Incident Seminars. To better understand the nature of the seminar and how it helps officers, we offer a video that starts with a dramatic story and interviews with key participants in PCIS. View the video.

Post Critical Incident Seminar (PCIS) 56
July 29-31, 2024
Columbia, SC
Registration and information

Memorials for Beverly Coates may be made to the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy For South Carolina, P.O. Box 6426, Columbia, SC 29260. Obituary.

Behavioral Health Benefits for First Responders
Funds to help LEOs, Volunteer and Career Firefighters, and Emergency Medical Responders in South Carolina. More.

June 2018: SCLEAP welcomes Chaplain David A. Tafaoa to the staff.

March 29, 2018: Support needed for law enforcement involved in traumatic situations. Interview of Eric Skidmore and associated story on WIS-TV, Columbia, SC. View story.

Comment from an officer attending a recent PCIS:
"Two weeks before attending the class I was at a point of not continuing life. I entered the class not sure of the outcome. Seeing people just like me showed me I’m not alone, and y’all have given me the tools to deal with past, present and future problems - these things along with many of the peer team’s words, pats on the back, and smiles. Thanks for a new lease on life."

PCIS schedule and contacts in SC, NC, GA, KY, OH, OK, VA, MO, AR, AZ, NY & TX
Upcoming PCIS in South Carolina


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