Post Critical Incident Seminar 56
for South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers and Spouses

July 29-31, 2024 

Overall Goal for the Training: Turning vulnerability into strength through learning, utilizing and offering peer support.

This is an experiential workshop for officers who have "been there." Despite the best support immediately following a critical incident, there can be long-lasting effects. Going through a critical incident is like crossing a fence with no opportunity to jump back. A critical indicent can rupture an officer's basic worldview. Officers are vulnerable and have to come to grips emotionally with a reality that the uninitiated cannot understand. The job, the street, and one's weapon are perceived differently after a critical incident.

The PCIS will provide education on trauma, patterns of resolution, and field-tested coping strategies to promote recovery and resilience. Peer support is an important element of the PCIS. Discussion of incidents with fellow officers who have "been there" promotes normalization and recovery. This seminar format originated with the FBI in 1983. SCLEAP has been hosting the PCIS in South Carolina since January 2000.

What is a critical incident? A critical incident is any event that results in an overwhleming sense of vulnerability and/or loss of control. These include line-of-duty shootings, getting shot or seriously hurt on the job, high-speed pursuits that end in trafedy, events that bring prolonged and critical media attention, personal tragedies, and similar situations.

What will I get out of this? You will have an opportunity to share your experience with your peers, give and receive support, attend sessions with law enforcement related mental health professionals using proven trauma recovery methods, and learn coping strategies that will enable your recovery from past critical indicents and strengthen your ability to deal with future incidents.

Training slots are limited. We may not be able to include everyone who wishes to particiapte in the program. We are planning a PCIS which will include up to 35 officers. As the course filles up, a waiting list will be started.

The facilitators will be law enforcement peers, mental health professionals, and law enforcement chaplains.This program is offered to any sworn officers the South Carolina, including SLED agents, SCDNR officers, SCDPS officers, SCDPPPS agents, other state police personnel, sheriff's deputies, offiers from local police departments, and federal agents based in South Carolina.

Spouses and significant others, and 911 telecommunicators are also invited to attend the PCIS offerings.

Date: July 29-31, 2024

Location: Saxe Gotha Presbyterian Church, 5503 Sunset Blvd, Lexington, SC 29072

Recertification credit is available through SCCJA for sworn officers.

For more information: call J. Eric Skidmore, 803-252-2664 or cell 803-206-8961

Sponsor: The South Carolina Law Enforcement Assistance Program

Recommended Hotel: Hampton Inn, 4751 Sunset Blvd. Lexington, SC 29072. Phone: 803-722-5800, Fax 803-722-5801. Kathy L. Watts, Guest Services Manager, Email: (Sending agencies are responsible for reservations and payment for participating personnel.)

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