Specific Services Offered

  • One-on-One Confidential Counseling for Officer and Family
  • Law Enforcement Only Recovery Group (meets once each week)
  • Referral to Al-Anon for Family of Alcoholic Law Enforcement Officer
  • Planned Intervention Coordinated By Professional Counselor
  • 28-Day Treatment Program Directed by SCVRD
  • Limited Scholarship Aid For Marriage and Family Counseling
  • Referral to Additional Resources
  • Supervisor/Management Training done by SCVRD

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Personal Referral (call on your own)
  2. Friend/Family Referral (friend/family member connects you with staff person)
  3. Supervisor Referral (your supervisor makes attendance mandatory)

Who Is The Confidential Point of Contact?

Step One: Contact the local Voc. Rehab. Counselor in your county. (see list on back panel) Indicate that you are a law enforcement officer and are requesting JRS Services. If you have any problems, contact the JRS Coordinator at: 803-896-6579

Step Two: After a meeting with the JRS Counselor for your county, you will be referred to the confidential system specially designed for law enforcement officers. This may include detoxification and 28-Day in-patient treatment or it may be a direct referral into the law enforcement group.

Tom Hammill is the Law Enforcement Group Counselor. Tom is Licensed Professional Counselor, former U. S. Marine/ Vietnam Veteran and himself a recovering alcoholic. (22 years sobriety). Tom can provide interested officers more information regarding services available to law enforcement officers.


If you would like to view a current brochure about services for your department, you may download a PDF file from the list below.

Local Law Enforcement Agencies






Stress Management

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