from South Carolina officers following a Post Critical Incident Seminar

“I feel the PCIS can help officers get through many issues that we come in contact with but are afraid to talk about with others. This course helped me let down some of those barriers.”

“The PCIS gave me the chance to talk to my peers in law enforcement and express my feelings without judgement. I had never expressed my feelings about the incident and felt guilty about the death of the individual.”

“I have waited my entire law enforcement career to let out my frustration and concerns to others who have suffered similar circumstances without being second guessed, ridiculed or judged.”

“I wish the PCIS were more accessible and had come about sooner.”

“I liked the PCIS because it helped me make sense of the issues that I faced with the shooting.”

“The program allowed me to express feelings that I was not able to share before. It helped me realize that there were some issues that I had not yet come to grips with. It helped me realize that I was not alone in how I felt.”

“The PCIS staff helped me confront my problems with my incident and I left the seminar knowing I can face it, but it will not be in my face.”

“The seminar was very helpful. I now know others who have been through similar incidents. I now know that it does take time to heal mentally, that others have been through worse experiences and if they can go on with their careers, I can too.”

“This course has changed everything for me…completely. It is one of the best and only truly helpful things since my incident.”

Read comments from the PCIS in September 2002.
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