South Carolina officers attending the 3rd Annual Post Critical Incident Seminar held September 23-25, 2002

“The worst thing I could have done would have been to keep my feelings inside, bottled up. This course helped me confront issues that had to be dealt with if was going to continue my line of work.”

“This helped me realize that I was still carrying some baggage from my incident and that it was affecting my personal and professional life. I have left that baggage at the PCIS and look forward to getting back to being my old self. Thank You!”

“This program is something that was well thought out and planned. This is something that has been overlooked for a long time and (we) have lost a lot of officers due to the fact that they had no one to help them manage and deal with the stress. It is a good program that should be given at least twice a year.”

“The PCIS is a great chance to talk with others and to hear their stories and to know that your feelings and fears are normal.”

“This is a great program to go through when a Critical Incident occurs. Talking about your incident with peers is a great way to relieve a lot of stress cause by your incident.”

“The PCIS was great for me because I was able to share with others without any worry of any backlash. To share with other officers is to help one’s own being.”

“The PCIS has helped me to deal with the small and large problems in dealing with my incident. This is an opportunity well worth the time it takes to come to the class.”

“It is a very worthwhile program, meeting others who have experienced similar incidents and feelings. You come away with a different perspective on the events that brought you here and you realize there are others who have been through it and survived…….survived not only physically, but emotionally. P.S. Thanks for making me attend.”

“If you think nobody understands your situation, coming to this class will change your mind. You are not alone.”

“No matter what type of Critical Incident, this seminar is an important element to put anyone on the track of recovery. It has the power to clear minds and free emotions that may hinder ones ability to do day-to-day tasks. If it were a movie, it would be a must see”

“The PCIS has helped me accept my role in my incident. There were some emotions that I was hiding inside. This seminar has shown me that I can make it through an incident and survive.”

“This program has helped me understand I am not alone and that being a part of the law enforcement family is a true honor and blessing.”

“This seminar is a must for any officer that has been through a critical incident. No one should ever feel alone in their incident when there is so much caring and support through the Law Enforcement Peer Team. Our state has needed this for a long time and I am very glad to have been part of the first seminar including spouses. All departments, big and small, should be required to know of the law enforcement peer team and their unique specialization.” (law enforcement spouse)

“I know who I came here as, and I feel that for the first time in years that I am okay. That I am going to be okay. It is because of this program that I will be able to go home and go back to work, and feel normal again. Thanks!”

"An outstanding event that will destroy preconceived notions about critical incidents, how to handle them, and how they really affect a person. A perfect venue to feel safe, open up, and explore the reality and impact of what LEOs face everyday."

"I thought I was just coming to another training seminar. I had mixed feelings and I truly thought it was going to be a waste of time. I truly stand corrected. Three days later, I have the confidence to move on and put my incidents behind me. I truly thank my co-worker for talking me into coming. This seminar has given me a better outlook on life, and I hope to share my experience with other brothers and sisters."

"When I came to the PCIS I was sure this program was not for me.After spending three days here and thinking about the incidents I have been a part of over the years, I have learned a lot. I have learned not everybody will handle a situation the same way. I also learned it is okay for me to handle the situations the way I have. I also feel I have learned some things that will help both me and my peers in the future when bad things happen."

"PCIS allowed me to take down a shield that I thought I needed and allowed me to be human. It let me see others that were human, and it will help me be a more productive father, trooper, and husband."

"I think that the program is a good one. It helped me to realize that certain things happen that you have no control over, and it also helped me to realize that I have to be more open about things and also encourage other people to open up and not let things get bottled up."

"At first I was not sure what to expect, but after experiencing the seminar, I feel more at ease with the critical incidents that I have been involved in."

It was an outstanding seminar.It was good to be around other people who had been through similar circumstances. This class gave me tools to help me cope with my situation. It was a time of healing, fellowship, and understanding. Thank you.This has been a very nice three days. Thanks for your time. Please keep asking spouses to come."

"Truly helpful. This program helped me to see that I was not alone in my feelings and that help was as close as the guy next to you."

"Very good program. It let me know that it’s alright to discuss personal problems with others and that my feelings were normal."

"PCIS is an opportunity for restoration: emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually. It helps the individual to understand their own condition, and to realize their own potential."

"The PCIS is an invaluable tool for anyone, especially law enforcement officers who have experienced a critical incident. It allows you to meet with others from different walks and different agencies who have experienced the same type of situations. It lets you understand that you are not alone and that your feelings are normal."

"It was truly an eye opener for me just to hear some of the stories that some of the guys shared with the class. It got even better when we broke down to small groups. I felt an even stronger bond with the guys in my group. I almost didn’t come for work reasons, but now I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. Each and every guy had an impact on me, and I will never forget them."

"The PCIS helped me face my situation and allowed me to talk with peers who have been in similar situations. It has given me the courage to know that I can make it through and be a vessel to another peer in my department or county."

"PCIS is law enforcement talking with other law enforcement that have already been in your shoes. It enables you to move ahead. You still look back, but you do move on from your specific incident."

"My only regret is not coming prior to my traumatic experiences. A real eye opener!! I came here dreading having to participate but left with some inner strength and hope."

"I was skeptical at first, being a telecommunicator, I could not share the same experiences as the officers. However, after hearing their stories, I realized that even though I am not on the streets I share some of the same emotions as they do just by dealing with them on the radio or the citizens on the phone. I have really enjoyed this experience and would recommend others. I definitely am not leaving as the same person that came."

"When I first came to this seminar I thought it was going to be a whole bunch of people talking about a whole bunch of nonsense, but something happened when we got started. I found out that there were many people who had problems like mine and some who had problems worse than mine. Knowing that there is life after a critical incident and that there are people who know what you are going through has been a big help. It is my belief that it should be mandatory for any public personnel to attend one of these seminars after a critical incident."

"This training was a real eye-opener as to the types of critical incidents that occur more frequently than I could ever imagine. I was asked to participate in this training to assist another couple dealing with the same type of critical incident I was dealing with. It was a rewarding and very therapeutic experience. I hope I might be asked again so I might assist someone else."

"I enjoyed speaking with Dr. Kauffman during the small group discussions. He talked of how after a critical incident, many officers actually have a feeling of positiveness, which is okay. I thought how much that message is needed during this session – that it is okay to feel a rush after an incident and not to feel guilty of that. Great session – you put a lot of hard work into this. Very well organized."

"This was a great seminar and learning experience. Before this seminar I felt like I was all alone. During these three days I became close to other officers, and hearing their stories made me feel better. After the third day, you feel like you’re normal again; you know that other officers feel your pain. The peer group was outstanding. They listened to your problems and were there to pick you up when you were feeling down. Keep this program going!!"

"If anyone is a supervisor or in training to be a supervisor, one of the most important things (as a supervisor) will be the first words you say to someone who has been involved in a critical incident. It should be stressed that a supervisor can literally make or break someone who has been involved in a critical incident. In closing, you don’t have a second chance to say the first words to the critical incident victim."

"Before coming here, I thought my situation was different and nobody would understand. I learned everybody’s situation is unique to them, but everyone does understand, and I am not alone. I am very glad I came, and these three days have helped a lot."

"The program helped in furthering my continuing healing process. It was another step in understanding the dynamics of the event and how it relates to me, my co-workers, family, and friends."


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